Jeremiah Franklin (stakremix) wrote in future_weep,
Jeremiah Franklin

Student transferred for making Counter-strike map based on school

A senior at Clements High School in Sugar Land, Texas was transferred to an alternative education center last month after it was learned that the student had created a map of his school in the online game Counter-Strike, according to a report on the community-focused site Fort Bend Now.

Gamespot article

Fort Bend Now article
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School ZZT is modeled after my old elementary school.

It has a gun on the title screen too.
There's actually a city called "Sugar Land?" I thought Freelancer was just making a joke. It's not really a giant prison, is it?
Tom DeLay's hometown. Make of that what you will.

Bah, this kid and I can't be the only ones who've ever gone through our school hallways and been like "Y'know, this'd make a cool location for a video game." Heck I've thought that about my church. Make of that what you will.