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Reasons to Weep for the Future

News Articles and Tragic Stories

Future Weep
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Remember the time you found out your 11th grade history class couldn't name half the states in America?

How about when they thought owning a pet was a first amendment right?

Or the time that lesbian wasn't allowed to wear a tuxedo?

Or even the time when that toddler was sucking on a chemical soaked rag and his mother thought since the cleaner was orange flavored nothing could go wrong?

These are all pretty sad stories, and it's fun to get depressed over how messed up society is. After seeing several of these stories I began compiling them into a text file and Future Weep was created.

The purpose of this community is to share these stories that can leave you with a painful feeling in your stomach.

Acceptable material is basically any news article of messed up things happening for stupid reasons, personal experiences are also welcome.